Hot galvanized wire

Hot galvanized wire

Galvanized wire:

The coating of steel surface with zinc metal is called galvanization. This is done with the aim of preventing the rupture of the base metal (steel) against many factors and rusting it. This is done on an industrial hard iron (iron) and annealed wire.

    In this series, the galvanized process is hot.
Galvanized Wires Mikh Sazi Company has been following the standards of the day in different classrooms and according to the needs of customers in various coatings and mainly used in gratings, steel networks, barbed wire and ….

PVC coated galvanized wire:

In some areas, due to the high humidity and acid rain, in addition to galvanized coating, it is necessary to have a more durable coating that can withstand this moisture even in seawater. Polyvinyl chloride is a plastic coated PVC that can withstand this high resistance when placed on galvanized wire.

PVC wire specifications

The diameter of the central wire is 2 to 3 mm
The coated diameter is adjustable from 1.1 to 1.5 mm. (± 0.1)
The diameter of the coils is 60 cm
The weight of each coil is the same as that of the other wires.

Wireframe Specifications (Iron, Annealed and Galvanized)

The size of the wires is 1.2 to 5 mm. (± 0.05 mm probability of error)
The minimum size of the iron wire is 1.5 mm.
The galvanized galvanized galvanized wire is 85 g / m2 and can be increased to about 220 g / m2.
The diameter of the coils is 60 cm. (Annealed wire of 1.5 and 1.2 with a length of 30 cm)
The weight of each coil is typically 100 kg, but can be changed at customer request.

Some features of PVC wire

The high resistance of these wires against rust
High resistance to acid rain that unfortunately occurs in industrial areas, especially around refineries and petrochemicals.
Possibility of using different colors in PVC coat to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the natural environment, work and life.
The possibility of using these wires in the manufacture and production of all kinds of grunge gratings, fencing, permissions, barbed wire, grids and ropes in greenhouses …
Due to the use of special materials, the coating color is very stable and almost constant in the sun’s rays.

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