types of fence

The fence net is a kind of protective wire made of wire rod. This mesh can be made of two genera: 1. Galvanized hot-galvanized PVC coated. Weaving these nets in Mikh Sazi Company is done with the best machines and experts in this field. Galvanized steel can be used in wet, dry, warm, cold and any type of weather. It does not ring or shrink. It has a beautiful appearance and has acceptable life.

This mesh bends a galvanized wire as a zig-zag pattern and passes them through each other to warp the net. In the term of the production of lace, they are called woven. The price of this type of mesh is approximately 30% higher than black steel. One of the features of a fence net is that it can also be compressed or compact, in addition to being custom-made in rolls. This feature makes it possible to load more load when loaded.

Applications for fencing in garden fencing, private property, sports fields, building protection to protect the workers from falling during construction operations, cages for animals, airports, military centers, industrial centers, railways, swimming pools, and the following table shows height The lace and distance between the fence bases in different places.

Fence net features

Enjoy high aesthetic strength
Producable in a variety of springs
Resistance to moisture due to galvanized coating
Lace for fencings

Technical Specifications

1- Wire diameter: 2 to 4.75 mm (± 0.05 mm probability of error)
2- Fountains: 2.5 to 5.7 cm (± 0.05 cm probability of error)
3- Width (Height): 1 to 4 meters
4- Roll length: Between 10 and 20 meters (in normal mode, supplied as 20 meters)

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